Privacy Policy

1. General
1.1. This Privacy Policy refer to the definitions and expressions mentioned hereby with the following meaning included hereby:
1.1.1. “Wub Wub Wub” includes the following meaning “We”, “Our”, “Us”, or “Provider”
1.1.2. “User and/or Users” include/includes the following meaning “You”, “Your”, “Yourself”, or “User”
1.1.3. “Privacy” includes the following meaning of these “Privacy Policy”
1.1.4. “Content” includes the following meaning of pictures, music, videos, text, and similar provided by the Provider for the purposes of the Website according to this Policy
1.1.5. “The Website” refers to the site where the Content can be found and used according to this Policy

2. Information
2.1. The following information about yourself may be required and collected for the very purposes of these Content and/or Website:
2.1.1. Contact information
2.1.2. Usage related information
2.1.3. Other relevant information

2.2. All users are offered with a choice to accept or reject the disclosure of this information. However, it is important to emphasize that this information may be essential for your use of the Content and/or Website.
2.3. For the above mentioned reasons this Website uses the cookies. You are strongly encouraged to inform yourself about the cookies and their relation to your privacy through the following link provided hereby:
2.4. Note that the information related to you collected with the use cookies has the sole purpose of improving your experiences associated with the Content and/or Website.

3. Third-Parties
3.1. From time to time, the information obtained from you can be collected by the third parties with proper authorization including the following:
3.1.1. Demographic related data
3.1.2. Advertising related data
3.1.3. Social network related data
3.1.4. Research related data
3.1.5. Other data with certain relevancy

3.2. The third parties in question will not under any circumstances collect the private data related to our users.
3.3. Please be informed that we will not share your private information outside its site during the usage of the Content and/or Website.
3.4. Please note that the exceptions from the above mentioned rule are to be applied in the following situations:
3.4.1. Your private information related to the social networks can be examined by the third parties
3.4.2. Your private information can and will be disclosed for the purpose of judicial, legal or other similar cases and proceedings
3.4.3. For the purpose of newsletter and Content related information

3.5. We use links and hyperlinks to the third party websites and applications. You are strongly advised to inform yourself about the privacy policies associated with these sites and applications. They may differ significantly from the rules of this Policy.

4. Confidentiality
4.1. All information obtained according to the above mentioned rules will be treated as confidential.
4.2. By accepting this Policy you authorize us to use the information obtained as being described hereby for the sole purpose of improving the the Content and/or Website itself, adjusting the site and providing the third parties with proper authorization with all data required for the adequate functioning of the the Content and/or Website.
4.3. By accepting this Policy you authorize us to examine and create the particular patterns of your usage of the Website for the sole purpose of providing you with the most suitable way of using our Content and its associated features.
4.4. We are entitled to inform you from time to time about our new offers and Content features. You will be offered with a choice to cancel or reject this kind of option at any moment.
4.5. We may collect any other relevant information which can contribute to our Website improvements with no obligation to notify you every time about these actions.
4.6. If you have any questions related to our Policy you are advised use the following contact form: