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When you come to the WubWubWub, it’s not because you want to look different, but rather sound unique. All you have to bring with you is your talent and we will make sure that you get nothing short of the very best management. You may well feel that these are things that you can do on your own, but it will take more of your time, nerves, and bring you less chances for that true success which you are eager to achieve. We take the strain to leave you doing what you do best, the artistry of making music!


Aubrey Fry, Could’ve Done So Much In Life….. Yet, He Decided To Fly! 

Aubrey infected himself with a music virus at an early age. He has faced the same challenges many of the artists he had a pleasure of representing and working with have had in their lives. To live to work, or love his work. Therefore, don’t you even dare to try and tell Aubrey that you can’t live your dreams, because he will prove you wrong every time.

The next time you watch movies such as Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Kingdom of Heaven, and Alexander The Great, pay  attention, because Aubrey has worked on them. Disappointed to find that the Batman prefers classical over dance music, he decided to end his movie related career after Batman Begins. He moved back to Brighton and worked as an A&R Manager for independent labels,  focusing on the emerging musical talent of the time such as Sneaky Sound System.

His serious computer game addiction left him with no choice but to spend 6 years in the gaming industry. He contributed to the Sine Wave Company/Entertainment with his work on the massive multiplayer online games and virtual world platforms. In 2010, he directed a series of TV ads sponsored by Pepsi. After a series of death threats made by Coca-Cola he decided to finally do something truly useful for the history of dance music.

In November 2012 the world of dance music has witnessed the birth of the top secret organisation called – WubWubWub. Aubrey’s plan was simple and brilliant at the same time:

Re-Discover leading dance music and carry on having as much fun as possible in the process. 

Aubrey waits for your demos.

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